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Movies Everywhere allows any organization (film festivals, cinematheques, distributors, municipalities etc.) to create easily and securely online screenings for films they have licensed.The platform takes care of the whole process from A to Z through a self managed (DIY), intuitive dashboard, allowing the organizing body to concentrate on content curation.The event organizer has total control over the different elements of the screening, provided by a powerful and user friendly dashboard. Screening at a set time or combined with VOD? It's your choice.

Overview of the Screening Process

  • Setting up a date and time for a screening.

  • Fixing time for start and end of a pre-registration process.

  • Determine the maximal number of participants ("seats"). 

  • Determine the allowed time to join the screening after it had begun ("tolerance time").

  • Setting a participation method (free, pay per view, subscription).

  • Uploading a film to the system. Movies Everywhere will handle conversion and encryption.

  • Publish the link for the registration, which will be available to the public in a white-labelled mini-site.  

  • Set a reminder timing before the screening.

  • Conduct  a Q&A session inside the screening page (no need to navigate away to another platform).

  • Track statistics in real time.

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