TIFF 2020 Goes Hybrid

Toronto film festival  decided to conduct a hybrid edition. Unfortunately, not as preferred choice but as a reaction to a huge budget cut of 50%. We hope they will fall in love with the hybrid concept and will see it as an opportunity. 

The New World of Film Festivals

A comprehensive article by Peter Broderick, describing both the case of CPH:FOX online festival edition along with and his own analysis on the changing market. He writes about important concepts such as online communities, online screenings as a complementary to physical (in-person) ones and reaching out to larger audiences. 

Hybrid Film Festivals: the Game Changes

From our blog on Medium. The term Hybrid Festival is explained, along with tips on how to organize a successful one by extending the audience and monetizing the events.

New York Film Festival Goes Hybrid

That's it. It's not just a matter of COVID-19 response. Hybrid is a choice. The NYFF team explains why and how. From the Hollywood Reporter

IndieWire's review of the flourishing virtual cinema trend

Actually, we think that what described here is rather a transactional VOD of theatrical films than virtual cinema... as they all offer film rentals for 4-5 days, while we see virtual cinema as an internet-based event which starts at a certain hour and has audiences meet filmmakers at the end of the screening.

A New York Times article tries to explain exactly the above

Differentiating VOD from virtual cinema, the article tries to define this new world, whose rules are written on the go.

Minneapolis St. Paul did just what we're preaching for -:)

Limited capacity screenings at a set time, Q&A sessions with filmmakers, encrypted screenings and more. Kudos to MSPIFF39  

Dance Camera West FF went online

A Los Angeles Times report

Our take on the topic of virtual cinema

Individual filmmakers on a budget can certainly enjoy virtual cinema and organize it for free and even monetize it, with a combination of available tools.

Some people don't like virtual cinema...-:)

Fair enough! A column on Variety

"Like it or not, 2020 is the year of virtual film festivals"

Well, we definitely like it. An article from Toronto Now

Between a Virtual Cinema and VOD

Thoughts and concepts. From our blog.  We think that virtual cinema is all about the "event".

Film Festivals Aren’t Just Surviving Online, They’re Creating a Better Future

An enlightening and inspiring column by Thom Powers, the artistic director of DOC NYC and the host of Friday Six

A Way of Life in Peril

A group of indie film specialists and thinkers sat down to speak about online festivals, the tension between them and the Streamers and what future holds for indie filmmakers

DocsBarcelona 2020 was online and reached 10 times the number of visitors compared to 2019

A summary issued by the festival itself, describing the good response to the 2020 online edition

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